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CenturyLink® paperless billing--a simple, convenient way to manage your CenturyLink account.

This safe, hassle-free and flexible billing method allows you to manage your My Account online, view your bill and choose from a variety of quick and easy payment options.

NOTE: If you select "no," we will not ask you if you want to utilize this service again.

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Online Security

We're updating our Privacy Policy.To see the updated policy and for directions on how to provide us your feedback, click here.

What if I am unable to pay my bill this month?
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A CenturyLink Service Representative is happy to discuss payment arrangements with you. Please call CenturyLink at 1 800-244-1111, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Mon.-Fri. Calling promptly to discuss payment arrangements may prevent a disruption in your service.

Can I move my services to my new home through My Profile?
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You can move your current CenturyLink service to a new address online, click here to start.

How do I see the information for my new home or number?
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When you move to a new home, even when you keep the same phone number, CenturyLink creates a new account for you. You will need to add the new account to this profile. Click here to add an account to this profile.

Why should I create a security question and answer?
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CenturyLink is committed to preventing unauthorized people from accessing your account. Creating a security question and answer that are memorable to you but difficult for others to find out will make it harder for people to see your call records, payment history and personal information.

What makes a good question and answer?
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    Here are some helpful guidelines:
  • Don't use information that is publicly available such as your name, date of birth, email address, or telephone number. This type of information is too easy for people to find out. Also, it is best not to use sensitive data such as social security number or passwords you use for other accounts.
  • Don't use security questions that contain the word "favorite" (e.g., "what is my favorite color?" or "what is my favorite book?") because those things can change.

  • Do:
  • Create a security question that will be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess or find out.
  • Ensure that your security answer is greater than four characters. You can use spaces, numbers and multiple words in your answer.
  • Read our list of sample questions to get some ideas for good security questions.